Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recent pictures!

Zona de Ferreira. We had a zone meeting in this nice building! Guess what? 3 Mission presidents in surrounding missions meet her every Sunday, including our area 70! Ps. the cake was melting because of the HEAT! LOL

I lived with Prez & Sister Pinho after my surgery and now were best friends! LOL! They both call to check up on me and we tell them jokes and die laughing every time! I call them Pai e Mae on the mission (dad and mom)

Another picture of their home

GIANT bugs on our clothes. . . . .totally NORMAL

Blits bleeee!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy halfway mark!!!

Can you believe it's been 9 months already??? Sister Ricchio only has 9 more months to go! Time has flown by!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A letter and some pictures! (before the frightful surgery)

Sister Sampaio. . . my companion and I! We are on our way to a training meeting 2 hours away! We finally go into the city and got on THIS BUS! It was so chique (sheeky) that we had to take a picture! LOL! AND we actually could sit down on the bus too!

The artwork here is. . . . interesting. . . .LOL! I don't know why, but here in Sao Paulo they are obsessed with weird distorted faces! They are all over! Oh and American cuss words. . . it's a bit strange!
The houses here are literally stacked on top of each other!

A view from the Bishop's home! This is considered a nicer part of town!

"I'm feeling skinny Tony!" LOL

I call this stairway to heaven . . . or HECK (on a hot day LOL) These steps might look normal, but they almost come up to my knees. . . AND I am not even at the bottom . . . there are still more sets below! The good news is I will have BUNS OF STEEL!!! hahahahaha!

Here, for example. . . . there is a house below (less active who feeds us once a month) and you have to climb down a ladder to get to the front door!

Update on Sister Ricchio . . .

PATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am alive!!!!!

here is the story:

so last monday i was feelin g a little bit sick.....but thats normal for americans because lets be honest, the food here can be scary at times! LOL so i went along and a few days later i felt super sick like i had the flu......i had a major fever and felt like on wednesdayi tried to carry on like normal with our appointments, but after lunch i told my companion that i needed to lay down and take some medicine because the pain was super bad! so i took 2 advil and layed down,......but i couldnt sleep! companion said she wanted to call president, but i dint want to because i didnt think it was that serious because when you call president you better be bleeding out your i said she called a nurse thats a memeber in another area and the member had my comp do some tests on me and then i heard the memebr say .....she needs to go to the hospital now!!!!!!! i instantly started balling my eyes out because i was super scared and the pain wasnt gettng any better......then my comp called president....who was about 8 hours away....brazil is and he said to go here begins the fun......i went to a general hospital, and sat there for about 6 hours before i was checked out.....apparently there was a problem with my mission insurance card.....because the federal police station still was holding onto my paperwork for immigrational purposes and so nothing was processed for my insurance......great! then the doctor started asking me questions....but of course i cant explain medically.....i know how to speak a little.....but the pain and the whole situation was hindering me from saying a my companion jumped up and said shes an american and cant speak portugues, so i will translate for her.......the doctor at that point laughed and said,,,,in, let her speak english and we will try to understand......PATTY i couldnt believe it....the doctors were mocking me! comp was mad and started talking to them.....and then they said okay we need to take some blood and urine samples........after that i waited for another 3 hours......then the same doctor came back to talk to my companion....and i underswtood everything she said.....she said that my blood had infection in it and that she is hesitant to treat me because of the insurance issue and because i am american,,,,,,like, if something was to go wrong.......geez........THEN my president arrived and tried to get things straightened out.....they then put me on a bed and i layed in the corridor for almost the whole night and my president was right there with me! But they couldnt give me any meds because they said that they didnt want to mask the pain when i would go in for they gave me fluids.....which was basically water in a back that hung above me........i was then at about 5 in the morning i was rolled into a room with about 18 could literally touch the patient next to you....we were shoved into this room.....on one side a woman was vomitting......and the other, an old woman taht has problems, tried to grab my pillow from me......seriously patty i am traumatized.......hahahhahahaha im laughing but i seriously am!!!! then at about 12 noon the next day they rolled me in for surgery and of course i was balling my eyes out because i was so scared...i had never had surgery and iam in brazil for heavens sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i had surgery and then layed in a room for about 2 days until they would release me....they said i had to poop.....well because they had me fasting for 2 days without food or water....pooping wasnt an option...hahahahahaha OH! i am a noob....when i saw the blood from my wound i almost fainted....hahahaha when i stood up for the first time i seriously vomitted and swallowed it....and then when i went to the bathroom and saw blood dripping from my gown i started freaking out.....i called the nurse.......EU PRECISO AJUDA!!!! AJUDA, AJUDA......that means.....i need! hahahah patty you would haved died laughing.....but i know that the medical field is not for me!

oh! my incision is huge....and that not an exageration....hahaha apparently my appendics was super inflammed....still not sure if it burst....but my incision is about half a ruler in diameter....possibly a little bit more!!!

So now i am here in my presidents home trying to recover quickly! patty this house is legit....i have pictures....hahahaha if i show you youwould die....its like a palace resort! and i laugh when i look at pictures from my area because its such a big contrast!!! anyways....patty, i just love my prsident and his wife....seriously they have been so good to me and help me with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to give them a gift or something to thank them for helping me.....

other than that i am doing fine....its litterally torture to sit here and do music, nothing.....i study, sleep, sleep and sleep....and eat crackers occasionally! hahahahahaha i really dont have an appetite because i feel bloated....and littlerally like im carrying joke patty thats the stomach is very heavy, bloated and sore.....i am dead serious that when i have kids its going to be a problem because i never want to go to another hopsital again......ill just have my kids in the bathtub....hahahah call me a drama queen but patty i am traumatized :(

emergency appendectomy!!!

sister ricchio had an emergency appendectomy a few days ago after having been suffering from severe pain, fever, and nausea and vomiting. she is now resting peacefully at the mission president's home in brazil.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New mission president and BLOOD

So street contacts are interesting at times.....hahahha sometimes we contact people they say....well can i have your phone numebr? or oh well i will come to church this sunday if you will be there....HAHAHAHH things get interesting with these people here!

I HAVE A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT! i HAVENT MET HIM YET but aparently he is cool....he is brazilian and an ex military man....should be interesting....LOL .This week is a great big meeting with the WHOLE mission! I get to see elder smithy! yes! hahahahahahah and oh btw...i have to wake up at 4am to travel to the police station to clear things up with my residency here! then after i will go to the big meeting with all the missionaries

So there is a stake center close to us that is being reformed! and its going to be really nice when its finished! well there is 24 hour security because....lets be honest...the church is wealthy down here! LOL anyways there is one secutriy gaurd who is always there.....weell one night he said ´´Oi´´ and started talking to us.....inthe beginning.....hahahahh he then was asking all about me and where im from....then he mentioned that he wanted to be taught the lessons because he had heard them before.....but he is out of our area....and elders cover the area which he once we told him that the elders would be happy to teach him he said.....NO! hahahahhahaha can you beleive that????? he is super sketchy, and every time we pass by that area he tries to talk to me but i say we dont have time, were going to a
OH! some positive news is that i am doing a lot better with the language.....and i understand almost EVERYTHING! its good to finally be clued in to what people are saying! LOL

OH! so the other day we went to our investigators house to teach her and she said, `´ i have made something for you to eat´´ of course i was stoked because i was hungry.....and so we went to the table and it was beans, rice and meat....or so i as i grabed my fork she said, `´´tipo coracao´´ which in portugues means ´´its like heart´´ ugh i automatically panicked because i knew that i was in for a i cut into IT and it appeared to be meat....i took a bite and almost i chewed and overwhelming taste of iron......BLOOD (bluud) LOL filled my mouth......patty it was liver! i was so grossed out but she was right there and so i swalled it basically whole.....and then i qiuckly thought.....well....i can choke it down with the rice and beans but they were soaked in the bloody iron flavor and i wanted to die.!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahhahhahah so i did my best and i remember that my backpack was next to me and i quickly searched for a napkin, but i could only find a mini i took this biggest piece and shoved it into my mouth.....then when she turned her back i quickly spit it into the napkin! hahahahahahahhait was terrible....but i ended up eating some of it.....oh and the rice and beans too! after we left i felt so gross and wanted to vomit up my food....but i didnt!!!! LOL

Friday, June 10, 2011

meat, meat, and more meat

Can i just say that its no wonder why Brazilians have heart problems and what not....MEAT everyday.....guato would be in hog heaven.....but ill be honest its a bit much EVERYDAY! though i bought Cumber at the store and i eat it all the time....i feel like a litle kid when guatto would ALWAYS make us take a stinkin´ gigantor log of cumber to eat after dinner. hahahahah

Patty! i miss your cooking! hahahaha oh my gosh ....just the other day we went to eat at a members was gross! it was this imitation lasagna...bless her heart....but it was horrible.....and as i was eating i felt super we finished and even the whole rest of the day i was sick...AND so was my companion........SO.....we went on through the week and someone cancelled to cook food for us so we went to this ladies house again......i looked at my companion and was nervous, but she assured me that it would be alright.....WELLL......we went into her house and she had THE EXACT SAME THING.... hahahahaha so i chocked down more lasagna and wanted to die! LOL patty im cracking up right now......hahahhahahah

Blatty i am doing good! Just the other day we were talking to a lady in the street as she was sweeping....and all of a sudden she starts screaming.....and waving her broom,.....we thought that she was mad at us....and wanted us to leave....but to our suprise.....A GIANT RAT was running/scurrying towards us......hahahahahhhahahahahah My companion jumped and ran into me and i almost fell over;....and we both booked it...hahahahah i swear that rat is possesed! LOL but we had a good laugh and wont ever forget that!

I am learning more each day.....yesterday i bore my testimony in sacrament and some people laughed, but some were happy to see me try my best! it was pretty cool! and then afterwards....some people came up and hugged me! it was cool! they understand that i cant speak correctly, and sometimes unclear, but they know that i am doing my best and i really want to be apart of their culture!

Monday, May 23, 2011

day one in brazil

My name, Ricchio they pronounce Rico which means ``Rich`` in Portugues, and since i am american they all think im rich....LOL but i am serving in one of the most poor areas in the mission.....go figure....but i LOVE it! i am serving in a city called Cocaia = Coke-eye-uh

The language is so different here.....i love how i am learning it all over again because they pronounce things differently and with inntonation like italians.... Its funny because we have encountered people that are super offended that i cant speak the language well. but then there are others that just stare at me waiting for me to speak....and then they laugh at me! hahaha but it doesnt hurt my feelings, i laugh right with them! The criancas = children love me because they teach me slang....and laugh when i repeat it back to them! i love the kids here...they are so cute and love the missionaries!

Things take about a week to drying machines so we have to hang EVERYTHING up outside....and its still not dry! haha so things are a little wet when we go out

the craziest thing i think is the fact that the toilet paper DOES NOT go down the TOILET.....i repeat...DOES NOT.....becaause the plumbing is terrible wipe your butt and then put it into the trash can next to the toilet.....its strange and gross all at the same time!!! hahahahahhahah

there are tons of mini they crawl all over....your food, your desk....but suprisingly im not grossed out....i just kill the suckers and carry on...hahahah who knew right

the native brazilian missionaries LOVE to play jokes on me and know that i have no idea what they are saying because theuy speak soooooooooooooooooooo fast..............hahah my distrito lider speaks so fast and laughs everytime because i have to say, ``mais devegar por favor`` meaning more slower please! haha

the food is awesome! Patty we eat beans, rice and carne...... cada dia!... meaning everyday!!! its really good! The milk though.....oi! it tastes like liquified cream cheese.......and did i mention that we eat cake for breakfast...LOL i think i might have a worm already! hahahahhahahahhaha more on that later!

Hills, Hills, Hills, Sao Paulo has so many hills.......and did i mention that its still stinking hot even though its winter here.....i was walking down the street...took off my backpack and my entire back was sweaty

the BUS could i forget....hahahhahaah we took the bus the other day because we walk everywhere but the appointment we had was super far away and would have taken years to get to the bus pulls up and its jam packed full of people....i mean jam the point where you have to manuver your way onto the you hug other people jsut to hold on because the drivers here are LOCO! youre seriously in peoples grills the whole time....ive neer felt so unholy on my mission until yesterday...HAHAHAHAHAHAH it is hilarious.

Did i mention that NOBODY speaks a lick of english here.......You can get away with not speakng the language in europe,.....but NOT here! haha my companion, Sister Sampaio is a native and we will seriously spend like 20 minutes dictionary to dictionary just looking up words to say to each other so we can communicate! its pretty hard but were getting it....she loves english and i try to help her as she helps me and my portugues.

It is not uncommon to see a 5 yr old girl or boy roaming the streets at night...that shocked me! but normally the kids have n shoes barley any clothes and play Futebol in the streets.

People BLAST music here....where you can hear it a couple streets down....and they PLAY AMERICAN MUSIC! hahah that was a trip! theres a song they ALWAYS play....i think by pitbull....``para americana`` is what its called i think.....hahaha i laugh and start thinking about everyone and what youre all doing!

ALL IN ALL i love it here....we got to appointments al the time and some of these people have nothing.....their house smells, you can see the mold growing everywhere, their homes would be considered shacks (favelas) in the States but one house i seriously started crying....because they were so poor but they wanted to give us everything they had! ugh im gettting teared up now..

We dont have to really worry about crime....even the thiefs fear ``church people` because they think we are Gods....but the elders have been robbed a few worrying though, we know what to do if we have any encounters!

Lets just say that heavenly Father definitely knew what he was doing.....hahahah the people here are gorgeous! and they are loving and good people!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

letter from the mission president

To the Family of Sister Vanessa Elizabeth Ricchio,

Sister Jackson and I were delighted to welcome Sister Ricchio to the Brasil São Paulo Interlagos Mission on Tuesday, 01 Feb 2011 . Please be assured that she received an enthusiastic welcome from her leaders and fellow missionaries. Pictures should arrive shortly by e-mail or conventional mail of Sister Ricchio with Sister Jackson and me, her companion and her CTM group.

Sister Ricchio has been assigned to labor with Sister Kaliandra Alves Sampaio in the Cocaia Ward of the Grajaú Stake. As you can imagine, those who receive the assignment to train new missionaries are among the most faithful and dedicated missionaries in the mission.

Sister Ricchio has been asked to write you each week on Preparation Day (Monday). We would ask you to write her weekly as well. The importance of a letter each week from those she loves cannot be overstated. Please remember to share family news and personal experiences that will help her focus on the work of the Lord and increase her desire to serve with all of his heart, might, mind, and strength. Given the time difference with the United States, e-mail correspondence should probably be sent by Sunday evening. Packages and correspondence sent by conventional mail should be addressed to the Mission Office as follows:

Sister Vanessa Elizabeth Ricchio

Missão Brasil São Paulo Interlagos

Rua Euzébio de Souza, 121

Jardim Londrina, São Paulo, SP

CEP: 05638-100


We look forward to our association with Sister Ricchio as we work together to build the Kingdom of God in Brazil. We are so impressed with her desire to serve and feel sure that she will be a blessing to her companion and to our entire mission. If you have any questions or concerns, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


President Christopher G. Jackson

Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission

she made it to brazil!

here is sister ricchio with her mission president, president jackson and his wife

sister ricchio and sister k. sampaio

Sunday, May 8, 2011

a mother's day video chat!

thank you to whomever developed video chatting. my (future)mother's day was the best yet.

sister ricchio

look at her long red hair

the name tag

duck face duck face!

the news on sister ricchio:

-she is assigned to the Hilliard Singles Ward
-it is soooo hot and humid in NC!
-she is baptizing people left and right
-she gets to practice portuguese 1 hour/day
-her visa is on it's way and she will be going to brazil!

Monday, May 2, 2011

the visa is on it's way!

sister ricchio said that her visa is on it's way and she will now be going to brazil soon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

oh "hey church ladies"

here's another excerpt from sister ricchio's letter:

we were out tracting one day and on our journey we came upon a man with shaggy hair, overalls, no shoes, and a bloody mary who saw us and yelled "OH HEY CHURCH LADIES!". right off the bat i knew this would be interesting. . . i told my companions to keep walking but they wanted to "share the message with him" - - i'm pretty sure he couldn't even remember his name. so he stumbled over to us and almost fell down! so then we introduced ourselves and then he said, "i'm john the baptist!". . . slurred a couple more words and said he wanted to pick all of us up off the ground . . . and then proceeded to set his drink on the floor but as he bent over he FELL OVER!

oh and i used to hear stories of people answering their front doors naked or whatnot and I never believe it, until one day when we were tracting and door after door the guys were wearing nothing but their underwear! it's so funny and so awkward at the same time! sometimes people will jump behind the door once they find out we're missionaries, but on the flip side some know who we are and do it on purpose! LOL

so i'm not sure if you were watching the news a few days ago but there was a tornado watch here! it was no biggy until we found ourselves in a giant hail storm! I promise patty it was so scary. no joke we said a prayer and waited it out. we hadn't received a text because we thought for sure our president would call everyone off and go indoors . . . so we called him and apparently he wasn't even aware of the storm because he was in an area in the mountains! but the storm totally reminded me of 'Twister' and I of course quoted some twister movie lines in my head amongst the scariness!

the latest story . . . we are teaching a group of congo students that are in an english exchange program. so we brought a member to come over and help us translate. they speak french by the way! so we were doing great in our lesson and at the end i brought out my pen and planner to make another appointment with them, but they were still talking so i sat there and started to chew on my pen . . . WELL all of a sudden i started to taste something gross and took the pen out of my mouth . . . .INK WAS EVERYWHERE! the pen had exploded in my mouth and i didn't know what to do so i turned to my companions and they were laughing so hard! the member and the congos started cracking up as i was practically gagging!

something really cool happened . .. so jeremy our recent baptism was a tough cookie, extremely stubborn and a bit confused about life. well we found him tracting and began working with him and teaching him. he loved it and totally grasped everything! he knows the bible better than anyone i have known and really has firm faith. however, he said he still didn't believe the book of mormon was true and wouldnt be baptized unless he had some amazing glorified angel come down and visit him! time after time we explained to him that more than likely that wouldn't happen! but by the power of the holy ghost he would know and also feel in his heart it was true. then a few weeks went by and he started to slack off on praying and reading and still said he hadn't received an answer. well sister ricchio was no kosher with that! LOL. i explained to him that he wouldn't receive an answer unless he did his part, and if he wasn't willing to do that, he was just wasting his time then. so after that, we as a companionship talked and i thought he wouldn't be baptized for a while and become what we can an 'eternal investigator.' BUT just two weeks after that he said he was ready!!!! so he had his baptismal interview with our district leader and when they were done our district leader said "sister ricchio, i need to tell you something." so i talked with him and he told me that jeremy told him in the interview that had it not been for me giving him a little push that he would have never committed to be baptized because he knew it was right and true but was just scared to make that commitment!!!! patty i just about balled because i was so happy! when my district leader told me that I KNEW that i was supposed to be in NORTH CAROLINA. if he is the only person i truly help . . . that's good enough for me. It was just such a fulfilling experience and a very proud moment as a missionary! i love being a missionary!

Monday, April 4, 2011

double baptisms

here is an excerpt from sister ricchio's letter:

Jeremy and Michelle were baptized and that was a miracle because as i had thought in the beginning that Jeremy would be an eternal investigator and somehow "O ye of little faith" came into my mind. Michelle was having some struggles the night before her baptism. We went over to meet with her to try to relieve her concerns....She started talking about how her family was a bit upset with her decision to be baptized and that she felt akward to tell talk more about it because they thought she was crazy. I then at that moment teared up and began to share my experience with going on a mission and how my family has had a hard time with it. She gave me a hug and thanked me for sharing with her and i really tried to testify of the importance of your own personal testimony. If you dont have your own testimony then you will be as the scriptures say, "driven like a tossed wave at sea." So she was baptized and i was so happy that she made the wonderful decision just as jeremy did!

Just last night the bishop's wife told us to come over to her house after the baptism....we though she wanted to give us some of her delicious bread that she makes for sacrament. So we swung by and she said to come in and sit down. So we talked to her for a minute and she said, okay now we can come to the table and eat, and the Bishop came from a room and we all sat and ate dinner. Apparently missionaries hadnt been over to the bishops house in awhile (just hearsay) but apparently its because the bishop hadnt been too happy with some of the missionaries that had been in the ward previously. That made me really think about our conduct and work as missionaries and how upsetting that was to hear. So we ate dinner and talked about some things in the ward and before we left i shared on of my favorite stories in the bible and being examples of the believers. It was an awesome experience and i was very happy that we have gained the bishops trust and hopefully will continue to do our best and work hard!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


sister ricchio got a little package in the mail!

yummy muffins

she just loves these babycakes muffins.

the most recent update on sister ricchio is that she still does not have her visa. there has been no word as to when or if she will be sent to brazil.

here is an excerpt from her most recent letter:

"This Sunday we have 2 baptisms back to back in between general conference and im so excited! I began teaching both michelle and jeremy since i got here and they have progressed soooo much. jeremy actually bore his testimony in sacrament meeting! it was so cool and a wave of emotion hit me because he has totally changed his life! that's the beauty of missionary work! you come out to change lives and in reality we the missionaries are just a small part of their conversion. things are still moving along and we are working hard everyday."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

p-day and tracting. . .

preparation day at the discovery center (science center/obstacle course)
sister hernandez and sister ricchio tracting another night in charlotte (ps. it's windy and cold here)
sister henicksman (idaho), sister ricchio, sister hernandez (philippines)
no mail = sad day

sister ricchio's 1st baptism!

on the way to their first baptism
(Sister Ricchio, Sister Manuo [New Zealand], Sister Hernandez [Philippines])
the sister missionaries with alexandra dawn sechrist

happy 23rd birthday!

sister ricchio got a nice little edible surprise in the mission office on her birthday! happy 23!

excited to eat the chocolate dipped strawberries :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

mtc with elder logan

sister ricchio found a friend while in the mtc! elder logan used to be in the single's branch with us and boy was she happy to see a familiar face. these pictures were given to me by his girlfriend.

my favorite!

have you seen a sister missionary as stylish?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

serving in a singles ward

sister ricchio sent a quick email to let us know that she is now serving in a singles ward and tracts on the UNC Charlotte campus!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

she made it to CHARLOTTE!

Here she is with President and Sister Lindsay Thomas

-Charlotte, North Carolina Mission President-

Some of her district members and President and Sister Thomas

Sister Ricchio says Charlotte is FREEZING, but that she already has two investigators who have set baptismal dates! She is already working so hard as a missionary!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

new reassignment!

sister ricchio has been reassigned to the CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Mission where she will remain until she receives her visa to travel to Brazil.

she was able to call home for 5 minutes to let us know of her travel plans. she will be leaving the mtc february 1, 2011 at 0400 AM in the morning. she will get to call home again to inform us of her departure from slc.

it was great to hear her voice! she and her district are so excited for this new change!

Friday, January 14, 2011

only 2 more weeks left in the mtc!

patty with her missionary tag on!
("is butter a carb? LOL!")

("The view outside my window! Do you miss Utah?? I think NOT!")
[Patty mentions that due to the extreme dryness of Utah, she experiences severe nosebleeds! She hates the cold!]

In front of the Provo, Utah LDS Temple
("Temple walk! Each Sunday after lunch we get to walk to the Provo Temple. . . ALL UP HILL!")

("The Trio! Me and my companions: Sister Shaha & Sister Black")

("The District: Elder Laufenberg, me, Sister Black, Elder Thorup, Sister Shaha, Sister Randall, Sister Smith, Elder Smith")

"So here at the MTC we are not allowed to sing unless it's a hymn. So naturally nobody sings EXCEPT in the shower! Oh my gosh patty it's so funny! The sisters all sing and try to have a competition on who has the best voice! You would just die laughing! I was washing my hair and thought, 'Maybe I should sing 'Called to Serve' in my ugly tone deaf voice! Maybe tomorrows shower time will be a little adventurous!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

update on sister ricchio

sister ricchio currently has 2 sister companions: Sister Black from McCamon, Idaho and Sister Shaha. she has been called to be the senior companion of the group.

the language has been tough, but it is coming along! the MTC is nothing like anyone said it would be! "i guess you just have to experience it yourself!"

she says, "this experience in the MTC has totally challenged me, but I have loved every minute of it! coming here has strengthened my testimony so much. it's getting stronger day by day. i truly need to be here and i have learned so much already."

her district includes 3 elders and 5 sister missionaries.

"i would love me some treats! elder smith gets a food package everyday and we're all so jealous! he's so nice and shares with me! I don't know what everyone was talking about with the food in the MTC, but Patty is there's ever a time that I've missed your cooking it's NOW! The food is junk so treats would definitely come in handy!"

this is her testimony in portuguese:

Eu sei que a Igreja e verdadiera, e que Jesus Cristo e O salvador, e O livro de Mormon e as palavras de Deus, e as familias sao eternas. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

in front of the MTC

looking over provo valley

playing in the snow before she travels to the jungles of brazil

you can see byu campus in the top right of the picture
emilie. one of our lifesavers for taking sister ricchio to the mtc!
SO CUTE! here she is all stylish and ready, backpack and all, to enter into the mtc!