Friday, July 8, 2011

New mission president and BLOOD

So street contacts are interesting at times.....hahahha sometimes we contact people they say....well can i have your phone numebr? or oh well i will come to church this sunday if you will be there....HAHAHAHH things get interesting with these people here!

I HAVE A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT! i HAVENT MET HIM YET but aparently he is cool....he is brazilian and an ex military man....should be interesting....LOL .This week is a great big meeting with the WHOLE mission! I get to see elder smithy! yes! hahahahahahah and oh btw...i have to wake up at 4am to travel to the police station to clear things up with my residency here! then after i will go to the big meeting with all the missionaries

So there is a stake center close to us that is being reformed! and its going to be really nice when its finished! well there is 24 hour security because....lets be honest...the church is wealthy down here! LOL anyways there is one secutriy gaurd who is always there.....weell one night he said ´´Oi´´ and started talking to us.....inthe beginning.....hahahahh he then was asking all about me and where im from....then he mentioned that he wanted to be taught the lessons because he had heard them before.....but he is out of our area....and elders cover the area which he once we told him that the elders would be happy to teach him he said.....NO! hahahahhahaha can you beleive that????? he is super sketchy, and every time we pass by that area he tries to talk to me but i say we dont have time, were going to a
OH! some positive news is that i am doing a lot better with the language.....and i understand almost EVERYTHING! its good to finally be clued in to what people are saying! LOL

OH! so the other day we went to our investigators house to teach her and she said, `´ i have made something for you to eat´´ of course i was stoked because i was hungry.....and so we went to the table and it was beans, rice and meat....or so i as i grabed my fork she said, `´´tipo coracao´´ which in portugues means ´´its like heart´´ ugh i automatically panicked because i knew that i was in for a i cut into IT and it appeared to be meat....i took a bite and almost i chewed and overwhelming taste of iron......BLOOD (bluud) LOL filled my mouth......patty it was liver! i was so grossed out but she was right there and so i swalled it basically whole.....and then i qiuckly thought.....well....i can choke it down with the rice and beans but they were soaked in the bloody iron flavor and i wanted to die.!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahhahhahah so i did my best and i remember that my backpack was next to me and i quickly searched for a napkin, but i could only find a mini i took this biggest piece and shoved it into my mouth.....then when she turned her back i quickly spit it into the napkin! hahahahahahahhait was terrible....but i ended up eating some of it.....oh and the rice and beans too! after we left i felt so gross and wanted to vomit up my food....but i didnt!!!! LOL

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