Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on Sister Ricchio . . .

PATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am alive!!!!!

here is the story:

so last monday i was feelin g a little bit sick.....but thats normal for americans because lets be honest, the food here can be scary at times! LOL so i went along and a few days later i felt super sick like i had the flu......i had a major fever and felt like on wednesdayi tried to carry on like normal with our appointments, but after lunch i told my companion that i needed to lay down and take some medicine because the pain was super bad! so i took 2 advil and layed down,......but i couldnt sleep! companion said she wanted to call president, but i dint want to because i didnt think it was that serious because when you call president you better be bleeding out your i said she called a nurse thats a memeber in another area and the member had my comp do some tests on me and then i heard the memebr say .....she needs to go to the hospital now!!!!!!! i instantly started balling my eyes out because i was super scared and the pain wasnt gettng any better......then my comp called president....who was about 8 hours away....brazil is and he said to go here begins the fun......i went to a general hospital, and sat there for about 6 hours before i was checked out.....apparently there was a problem with my mission insurance card.....because the federal police station still was holding onto my paperwork for immigrational purposes and so nothing was processed for my insurance......great! then the doctor started asking me questions....but of course i cant explain medically.....i know how to speak a little.....but the pain and the whole situation was hindering me from saying a my companion jumped up and said shes an american and cant speak portugues, so i will translate for her.......the doctor at that point laughed and said,,,,in, let her speak english and we will try to understand......PATTY i couldnt believe it....the doctors were mocking me! comp was mad and started talking to them.....and then they said okay we need to take some blood and urine samples........after that i waited for another 3 hours......then the same doctor came back to talk to my companion....and i underswtood everything she said.....she said that my blood had infection in it and that she is hesitant to treat me because of the insurance issue and because i am american,,,,,,like, if something was to go wrong.......geez........THEN my president arrived and tried to get things straightened out.....they then put me on a bed and i layed in the corridor for almost the whole night and my president was right there with me! But they couldnt give me any meds because they said that they didnt want to mask the pain when i would go in for they gave me fluids.....which was basically water in a back that hung above me........i was then at about 5 in the morning i was rolled into a room with about 18 could literally touch the patient next to you....we were shoved into this room.....on one side a woman was vomitting......and the other, an old woman taht has problems, tried to grab my pillow from me......seriously patty i am traumatized.......hahahhahahaha im laughing but i seriously am!!!! then at about 12 noon the next day they rolled me in for surgery and of course i was balling my eyes out because i was so scared...i had never had surgery and iam in brazil for heavens sakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i had surgery and then layed in a room for about 2 days until they would release me....they said i had to poop.....well because they had me fasting for 2 days without food or water....pooping wasnt an option...hahahahahaha OH! i am a noob....when i saw the blood from my wound i almost fainted....hahahaha when i stood up for the first time i seriously vomitted and swallowed it....and then when i went to the bathroom and saw blood dripping from my gown i started freaking out.....i called the nurse.......EU PRECISO AJUDA!!!! AJUDA, AJUDA......that means.....i need! hahahah patty you would haved died laughing.....but i know that the medical field is not for me!

oh! my incision is huge....and that not an exageration....hahaha apparently my appendics was super inflammed....still not sure if it burst....but my incision is about half a ruler in diameter....possibly a little bit more!!!

So now i am here in my presidents home trying to recover quickly! patty this house is legit....i have pictures....hahahaha if i show you youwould die....its like a palace resort! and i laugh when i look at pictures from my area because its such a big contrast!!! anyways....patty, i just love my prsident and his wife....seriously they have been so good to me and help me with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to give them a gift or something to thank them for helping me.....

other than that i am doing fine....its litterally torture to sit here and do music, nothing.....i study, sleep, sleep and sleep....and eat crackers occasionally! hahahahahaha i really dont have an appetite because i feel bloated....and littlerally like im carrying joke patty thats the stomach is very heavy, bloated and sore.....i am dead serious that when i have kids its going to be a problem because i never want to go to another hopsital again......ill just have my kids in the bathtub....hahahah call me a drama queen but patty i am traumatized :(

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