Thursday, March 31, 2011


sister ricchio got a little package in the mail!

yummy muffins

she just loves these babycakes muffins.

the most recent update on sister ricchio is that she still does not have her visa. there has been no word as to when or if she will be sent to brazil.

here is an excerpt from her most recent letter:

"This Sunday we have 2 baptisms back to back in between general conference and im so excited! I began teaching both michelle and jeremy since i got here and they have progressed soooo much. jeremy actually bore his testimony in sacrament meeting! it was so cool and a wave of emotion hit me because he has totally changed his life! that's the beauty of missionary work! you come out to change lives and in reality we the missionaries are just a small part of their conversion. things are still moving along and we are working hard everyday."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

p-day and tracting. . .

preparation day at the discovery center (science center/obstacle course)
sister hernandez and sister ricchio tracting another night in charlotte (ps. it's windy and cold here)
sister henicksman (idaho), sister ricchio, sister hernandez (philippines)
no mail = sad day

sister ricchio's 1st baptism!

on the way to their first baptism
(Sister Ricchio, Sister Manuo [New Zealand], Sister Hernandez [Philippines])
the sister missionaries with alexandra dawn sechrist

happy 23rd birthday!

sister ricchio got a nice little edible surprise in the mission office on her birthday! happy 23!

excited to eat the chocolate dipped strawberries :)