Friday, June 10, 2011

meat, meat, and more meat

Can i just say that its no wonder why Brazilians have heart problems and what not....MEAT everyday.....guato would be in hog heaven.....but ill be honest its a bit much EVERYDAY! though i bought Cumber at the store and i eat it all the time....i feel like a litle kid when guatto would ALWAYS make us take a stinkin´ gigantor log of cumber to eat after dinner. hahahahah

Patty! i miss your cooking! hahahaha oh my gosh ....just the other day we went to eat at a members was gross! it was this imitation lasagna...bless her heart....but it was horrible.....and as i was eating i felt super we finished and even the whole rest of the day i was sick...AND so was my companion........SO.....we went on through the week and someone cancelled to cook food for us so we went to this ladies house again......i looked at my companion and was nervous, but she assured me that it would be alright.....WELLL......we went into her house and she had THE EXACT SAME THING.... hahahahaha so i chocked down more lasagna and wanted to die! LOL patty im cracking up right now......hahahhahahah

Blatty i am doing good! Just the other day we were talking to a lady in the street as she was sweeping....and all of a sudden she starts screaming.....and waving her broom,.....we thought that she was mad at us....and wanted us to leave....but to our suprise.....A GIANT RAT was running/scurrying towards us......hahahahahhhahahahahah My companion jumped and ran into me and i almost fell over;....and we both booked it...hahahahah i swear that rat is possesed! LOL but we had a good laugh and wont ever forget that!

I am learning more each day.....yesterday i bore my testimony in sacrament and some people laughed, but some were happy to see me try my best! it was pretty cool! and then afterwards....some people came up and hugged me! it was cool! they understand that i cant speak correctly, and sometimes unclear, but they know that i am doing my best and i really want to be apart of their culture!

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