Monday, May 23, 2011

day one in brazil

My name, Ricchio they pronounce Rico which means ``Rich`` in Portugues, and since i am american they all think im rich....LOL but i am serving in one of the most poor areas in the mission.....go figure....but i LOVE it! i am serving in a city called Cocaia = Coke-eye-uh

The language is so different here.....i love how i am learning it all over again because they pronounce things differently and with inntonation like italians.... Its funny because we have encountered people that are super offended that i cant speak the language well. but then there are others that just stare at me waiting for me to speak....and then they laugh at me! hahaha but it doesnt hurt my feelings, i laugh right with them! The criancas = children love me because they teach me slang....and laugh when i repeat it back to them! i love the kids here...they are so cute and love the missionaries!

Things take about a week to drying machines so we have to hang EVERYTHING up outside....and its still not dry! haha so things are a little wet when we go out

the craziest thing i think is the fact that the toilet paper DOES NOT go down the TOILET.....i repeat...DOES NOT.....becaause the plumbing is terrible wipe your butt and then put it into the trash can next to the toilet.....its strange and gross all at the same time!!! hahahahahhahah

there are tons of mini they crawl all over....your food, your desk....but suprisingly im not grossed out....i just kill the suckers and carry on...hahahah who knew right

the native brazilian missionaries LOVE to play jokes on me and know that i have no idea what they are saying because theuy speak soooooooooooooooooooo fast..............hahah my distrito lider speaks so fast and laughs everytime because i have to say, ``mais devegar por favor`` meaning more slower please! haha

the food is awesome! Patty we eat beans, rice and carne...... cada dia!... meaning everyday!!! its really good! The milk though.....oi! it tastes like liquified cream cheese.......and did i mention that we eat cake for breakfast...LOL i think i might have a worm already! hahahahhahahahhaha more on that later!

Hills, Hills, Hills, Sao Paulo has so many hills.......and did i mention that its still stinking hot even though its winter here.....i was walking down the street...took off my backpack and my entire back was sweaty

the BUS could i forget....hahahhahaah we took the bus the other day because we walk everywhere but the appointment we had was super far away and would have taken years to get to the bus pulls up and its jam packed full of people....i mean jam the point where you have to manuver your way onto the you hug other people jsut to hold on because the drivers here are LOCO! youre seriously in peoples grills the whole time....ive neer felt so unholy on my mission until yesterday...HAHAHAHAHAHAH it is hilarious.

Did i mention that NOBODY speaks a lick of english here.......You can get away with not speakng the language in europe,.....but NOT here! haha my companion, Sister Sampaio is a native and we will seriously spend like 20 minutes dictionary to dictionary just looking up words to say to each other so we can communicate! its pretty hard but were getting it....she loves english and i try to help her as she helps me and my portugues.

It is not uncommon to see a 5 yr old girl or boy roaming the streets at night...that shocked me! but normally the kids have n shoes barley any clothes and play Futebol in the streets.

People BLAST music here....where you can hear it a couple streets down....and they PLAY AMERICAN MUSIC! hahah that was a trip! theres a song they ALWAYS play....i think by pitbull....``para americana`` is what its called i think.....hahaha i laugh and start thinking about everyone and what youre all doing!

ALL IN ALL i love it here....we got to appointments al the time and some of these people have nothing.....their house smells, you can see the mold growing everywhere, their homes would be considered shacks (favelas) in the States but one house i seriously started crying....because they were so poor but they wanted to give us everything they had! ugh im gettting teared up now..

We dont have to really worry about crime....even the thiefs fear ``church people` because they think we are Gods....but the elders have been robbed a few worrying though, we know what to do if we have any encounters!

Lets just say that heavenly Father definitely knew what he was doing.....hahahah the people here are gorgeous! and they are loving and good people!

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