Saturday, September 10, 2011

Recent pictures!

Zona de Ferreira. We had a zone meeting in this nice building! Guess what? 3 Mission presidents in surrounding missions meet her every Sunday, including our area 70! Ps. the cake was melting because of the HEAT! LOL

I lived with Prez & Sister Pinho after my surgery and now were best friends! LOL! They both call to check up on me and we tell them jokes and die laughing every time! I call them Pai e Mae on the mission (dad and mom)

Another picture of their home

GIANT bugs on our clothes. . . . .totally NORMAL

Blits bleeee!


  1. So happy to see she is feeling better! Miss her sooo much

  2. Love the pics!! My favorite is the cake because it is melting, I thought someone had ate a part of it before getting a pic of it. :) :D