Monday, April 4, 2011

double baptisms

here is an excerpt from sister ricchio's letter:

Jeremy and Michelle were baptized and that was a miracle because as i had thought in the beginning that Jeremy would be an eternal investigator and somehow "O ye of little faith" came into my mind. Michelle was having some struggles the night before her baptism. We went over to meet with her to try to relieve her concerns....She started talking about how her family was a bit upset with her decision to be baptized and that she felt akward to tell talk more about it because they thought she was crazy. I then at that moment teared up and began to share my experience with going on a mission and how my family has had a hard time with it. She gave me a hug and thanked me for sharing with her and i really tried to testify of the importance of your own personal testimony. If you dont have your own testimony then you will be as the scriptures say, "driven like a tossed wave at sea." So she was baptized and i was so happy that she made the wonderful decision just as jeremy did!

Just last night the bishop's wife told us to come over to her house after the baptism....we though she wanted to give us some of her delicious bread that she makes for sacrament. So we swung by and she said to come in and sit down. So we talked to her for a minute and she said, okay now we can come to the table and eat, and the Bishop came from a room and we all sat and ate dinner. Apparently missionaries hadnt been over to the bishops house in awhile (just hearsay) but apparently its because the bishop hadnt been too happy with some of the missionaries that had been in the ward previously. That made me really think about our conduct and work as missionaries and how upsetting that was to hear. So we ate dinner and talked about some things in the ward and before we left i shared on of my favorite stories in the bible and being examples of the believers. It was an awesome experience and i was very happy that we have gained the bishops trust and hopefully will continue to do our best and work hard!

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